Refund & Cancellation


We do not accept any refund or cancellation request without valid reasons, and our site and management reserves all the rights to justify and decide if the reason(s) provided by our customer(s) is valid / not valid to perform refund.

We do not accept any refund or cancellation request on delay in fulfilling orders, timeline that’s stated on the site is for estimation only, customer can request to check the status from time-to-time throughout our contact channels. Customers are only allowed to request for refund if the delivery / order fulfilment has been delayed 30days from indicated timeline or promised date by RUBBERRY.

Cancellation or refund request can be made if the ordered product(s) or service(s) are no longer available. Our site will always work on alternative and options to recommend to customers. If alternative and options are not acceptable, our site will accept cancellation and refund request and process accordingly within 5-7 business days.